We hope that our services and programs are able to help each family meet their own unique needs as they go through transplant.  Here are some families who have found different aspects of Family Support helpful along the way:

Aubrey--Beads of Courage

"The bead program is special to because they helped me to see the many obstacles I overcame and that 'I could do it.'"

 The Sereno Warriors--Family Support Services

"The Sereno Warriors spent 6 months in patient on 5200.  So what did we do to get through our days?  The better question would be what didn’t we do?? Thanks to the PBMT Family Support program, our days were always filled with activities for the boys.  Whether it was button making on Fridays or just playing in our rooms with a Rainbow Volunteer, there was always something going on. The Buddy Program paired us with a volunteer for each boy so that we can escape 5200 for a quick run to the super market or a restaurant. The amenities supplied to us helped us with our day to day stuff like laundry machines, and a functional kitchen. The dinners supplied on Wednesdays by various charities and organizations were always a great treat for the adults!  We don’t know how we could have survived 6 months without the PBMT Family Support Program.  They are the true heroes of 5200!!"




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