Inpatient Activities

Family Support seeks to make a patient's time in the hospital as easy as possible. Through our inpatient activities, we aim to offer a chance for socialization, fun, and sometimes even a little learning. FSP facilitates several activities, and has partnered with other organizations to be able to offer unique programming for our patients.


All types of creations are made on Fridays on our inpatient unit. From scrapbooking to making cards to other art projects, imaginations have a chance to run wild!

Arts for Life

Arts for Life is a non-profit organization that provides educational art programs to patients facing long-term, serious illnesses. The programs they offer are meant to enrich patient's lives, nurture their mind and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences for children and their families. Arts for Life has programs in hospitals across North Carolina. 


Bingo happens once a week on our inpatient unit. Patients, siblings, and caregivers enjoy not just the game, but the fun and creative songs and dances that come with it. Because of generous donations, we are able to provide prizes for our Bingo players that they can enjoy throughout their stay in the hospital.

Button Day

Button Day provides patients, siblings, and caregivers the opportunity to make photographs into buttons to wear or to share. Button Day takes place every other Monday on our inpatient unit and provides a way for patients to give family, friends, staff or other supporters a memento to hold on to as they go through their transplant journey.

Fun with Science

Science Fun for Everyone, a local company, provides engaging and creative lessons twice a month to the patients' on 5200. They combine hands-on and imaginative play to make sure each child has an "edutaining" experience. Thanks to our current scientists Krissy, Madison, and Cameron for making Mondays so much fun!

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an opportunity for patients of all ages to play music, sing and sometimes even dance. We have different sessions throughout the week geared to certain age groups in order to allow for patients to have the ability to express themselves creatively. Sessions can sometimes be geared around composing music using a variety of mediums through technology, playing games revolving around music, or the more traditional sing along. Our music therapist always makes sure it is fun!


Playmakers is a once a week support group activity for patients and siblings only where the primary goal is to encourage socialization and the work of kids, which is to play!  There are experiments, scavenger hunts, card games, and more. It's all about having fun!


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