Inpatient Incentive Programs

Family Support has created several incentive programs for patients in order to foster a healthy mindset as well as to encourage regular socialization and exercise.  


Activity Passport

Each patient who comes to 5200 is given an activity passport. Patients can earn stickers in their passport for attending and/or participating in daily activities. The stickers can then be redeemed for prizes.


Beads of CourageĀ©

Family Support provides beads for children to identify the different pieces of their medical journey. Family Support also participates in the national Beads of CourageĀ© program, and international arts-in-medicine supportive care program for children coping with serious illness, as well as the families and health care providers who care for them.


Steps to Recovery Program

Patients are encourage to walk laps in the hallways of 5200 and receive "footprints" they can put on a shoe string provided to them upon admission. Patients who walk or ride a minimum of 250 laps on 5200 are inducted into our Super Steppers club. Club membership includes being featured in The Community Counts newsletter and chances to win prizes.


Testimonials from PTCT Families

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