Rainbow Volunteers

At this time, all Duke Hospital Volunteer Programs have been suspended due to COVID. Please refer to the Duke Hopsital Volunteer Services Website for updates. 


The PTCT Rainbow Volunteer Program seeks to alleviate concerns by being a friend to pediatric transplant and cellular therapy patients and families here at Duke Children's Hospital. All of our volunteers are trained by Duke Hospital Volunteer Services as Patient Experience Volunteers. On our unit, we refer to these special people as Rainbow Volunteers. They work in three hour shifts on our inpatient PTCT unit providing support to patients, caregivers and staff.  

How do Rainbow Volunteers help?

  • Engage with patients at bedside or in the connection playroom
  • Interact with patients to provide caregiver relief
  • Support the decoration of unit (birthdays, patient room decorations, etc.)
  • Support FSP programming (daily activities, steps to recovery)
  • Help maintain cleanliness of playroom and toys
  • Maintain caregiver space

How are Rainbow Volunteers trained?

Rainbow volunteers comply with all Duke Hospital policies including passing a health screening and background check to ensure that they are approved to work with a pediatric population. In addition, volunteers are required to get an annual flu shot and any other vaccinations required for our immunosuppressed patient population. Rainbow volunteers participate in onsite training through volunteer services and the Family Support program. Once trained, PTCT Family Support staff continue to offer support and guidance to volunteers throughout their participation in the program. This is not a clinical volunteer experience and volunteers do not have access to any medical information or shadowing of medical professionals.  

Where do Rainbow Volunteers serve?

Rainbow Volunteers serve our inpatient PTCT patients and families while they are receiving treatment on our inpatient unit. Rainbow Volunteers volunteer in three hour shfits. They are available to all the families on our unit and are not assigned to any one family at a time. Rainbow Volunteers also help to support our inpatient activities as well as some of our caregiver support programs like Community Meals and special events.

For more information about the Duke PBMT Rainbow Volunteer Program, contact Julie Watson.


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