Sibling Support Programs

Siblings play an important role in the transplant process. Some siblings are donors for their brother and/or sister, and serve more of a direct role. Other siblings are social outlets or serve as special support systems for the patient, and help with the mental/emotional side of a patient's care. Some siblings make important sacrifices to make sure that the family can be together, and are a big help with the overall psychosocial family situation. In recognition of these important roles siblings have in our care, Family Support has created a special set of programs that are focused specifically on siblings, because we think that "sibs rule!"

Sibling Bead program

The sibling bead program offers beads that can help a sib narrate their experience as their brother or sister goes through transplant. This program often allows for sibling and patient to have an additional point of connection as they earn beads side by side through their journey.

Sib Bags

Each sibling of a PBMT patient is given a special sib bag when the patient is admitted to 5200. This bag contains some special mementos and prizes for the siblings, as well as activities and educational tools that can help the sibs understand what their brother and/or sister who is a patient will be going through during transplant.



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