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About Us

About Us

The Duke Pediatric Transplant and Cellular Therapy (PTCT) Family Support Program provides services and resources to help support patients and their loved ones. Our mission is to care for, serve, and lighten the burdens of the Duke PTCT community.

Supportive Care Beyond Treatment

The Duke PTCT Family Support Program was started in 1997 by Jane Schroeder as a part of the Duke Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Program (now Duke Pediatric Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program).  Our program started as a volunteer-based partnership with local groups and individuals, providing support for patients and families through donations of meals, running errands, and visiting patients in the hospital. Through the years, the program has grown to include a wide array of inpatient and outpatient activities, sibling and caregiver support, as well as financial assistance to families undergoing the lengthy journey through the transplant process. All support services are provided at no charge to our patients and their families.

At the Duke PTCT Family Support Program, we give patients and their families the opportunity to receive services that otherwise may not have been available or financially accessible as part of their transplant journey.


The Sereno Warriors: Family Support Program 

"The Sereno Warriors spent six months inpatient on 5200. So what did we do to get through our days? The better question would be what didn’t we do?? Thanks to the PTCT Family Support program, our days were always filled with activities for the boys. Whether it was button making on Fridays or just playing in our rooms with a Rainbow Volunteer, there was always something going on. The Buddy Program paired us with a volunteer for each boy so that we can escape 5200 for a quick run to the super market or a restaurant. The amenities supplied to us helped us with our day-to-day stuff like laundry machines, and a functional kitchen. The dinners supplied on Wednesdays by various charities and organizations were always a great treat for the adults! We don’t know how we could have survived 6 months without the PTCT Family Support Program. They are the true heroes of 5200!!"


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